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"I was surprised and honored to receive a scholarship from the Cairns Foundation. I am aware of some of the things you do for our community, particularly in support of education. As anyone attending college knows, the cost of fees, books and materials, and living expenses is high. The scholarship I received from your Foundation is helping me with my tuition payments. I appreciate your confidence in me and willingness to contribute to my education."
Luis T.
Daytona Beach 07-22-2011
"As a recipient of the (Cairns) scholarship, I can testify that it propelled and encouraged me to achieve my future goals. I was barely managing between tuition and school work when I was blessed with this scholarship. My entire educational atmosphere changed. I had peace of mind and I concentrated more on my class work. The Board of the Cairns Foundation consists of individuals who are successful in their professional fields. Talking and meeting such individuals encouraged me to work harder to accomplish my educational goals. The Cairns Foundation Scholarship has helped me to obtain my undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering."
Constantine M.
Daytona Beach 07-22-2011
"When I think of the positive effect the Cairns Foundation financial assistance has had on my academic experience, my face lights up with joy. The scholarship has been a blessing in my life. It has allowed me to see clearly where I want to go with my life and future. Over the years, I have had to work hard at different jobs to afford my college tuition. It was hard to balance school and work . . . I did not have enough time to concentrate on my schoolwork because I had to work two or three jobs to afford tuition and personal expenses while in school. That struggle did not give me the opportunity to discover the ability within me. I began to ask myself where I was going with my education. I was going to school just to get a better grade instead of learning something that will help me to excel in life. I could not wait to finish my undergraduate education to end the struggle. When I received the Cairns Foundation financial assistance, things changed and headed in a completely different direction. The financial assistance has helped with my tuition costs. Now, I have more time to spend on my education and more time to spend with instructors.. . . I am planning to eventually get a PhD in engineering. College education is now more exciting!"
Joel M.
Daytona Beach 08-08-2011
"The Cairns Foundation Scholarship has assisted me in my journey to educational success for nearly 3 years. The funds I have received from the Foundation have helped me with the tuition, housing and books. I am very grateful to the Cairns Foundation and the great things that it is doing to assist students on their educational journey."
Danielle M.
Daytona Beach 08-08-2011
"The assistance that The Cairns Foundation provided for our wheel-weight-tool inventions was instrumental in turning our ideas into marketable, profitable products. It’s exciting and amazing to see your ideas in actual, commercial use. We can’t thank Jim Cairns and the Foundation enough for sharing their time and knowledge to help make our dream a reality."
Russell & Kim Barnhart
Daytona Beach 08-16-2011
"If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it." - Margaret Fuller, writer (1810-1850)
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